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04 September 2013 @ 05:01 am
Current theme design project "the GazettE - Filth in the beauty (RUKI)" as requested by missolimew  
Progress report for the theme requested by missolimew.


This theme is currently installed and viewable over at jrock-cssthemes, or if it's changed, you can view a permanent (installed with CSS) screen shot here: the GazettE - Filth in the beauty (RUKI)

This is a rough screen shot of the completed artwork (5 images + 3 additional user icons, not shown),
without the CSS coding over the top of things.

The equal armed cross with the skull in it is the image that appears under the number of comments people have made, if they make comments. It's the pendant of the necklace RUKI has on.The images are based upon album art for the single (birds), the PV (background objects and title), and a photo shoot/article about the single that ran in Arena 37℃ in November of 2006 (RUKI, cheki) The leopard print divider is inspired by RUKI's jacket lapel. There will be 3 coordinating user icons, not shown.